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Let Frontier's Simple Switch Kit help you change banks in 6 Simple Steps!
  1. Open your new account at Frontier State Bank.
  2. Sign up for Online Banking.
  3. Stop using your former account and begin using your new account from Frontier State Bank as soon as possible.
  4. Change your Direct Deposits to your new account.
  5. Change your Automatic Payments to your new account.
  6. Close your former account at the other institution.
3 Simple Forms! (Download PDF forms)
  1. Direct Deposit Authorization Change Form
  2. Automatic Payment Authorization Form
  3. Account Closing Request Form

Getting started is simple! Download the Simple Switch Kit listed above to help you organize what you need to simply switch to Frontier State Bank. This information will help you complete the various forms mentioned above.

Now, print the entire Simple Switch Kit and submit the forms to the appropriate individual or entity. Itís that simple!